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The Nursery is a voluntary organisation and is also a Charity (#1108752) and a Company limited by Guarantee (#05224434) The Nursery is managed by Directors who form a Management Committee made up of parents, carers and other interested individuals.

The Committee makes joint decisions on all policies, finances, staff appointments, fund raising events and other issues affecting the running of the Nursery.

Management Committee

Once your child has been given a place in the Nursery, you, the parents/carers would be eligible to elect or be elected as a member of the Management Committee.

The members elect Officers at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These officers have certain functions and responsibilities in the running of the nurseries. Further details are available from the nursery office.

The number of elected Officers is between three and six, and will include a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. These officers are usually also Directors and will take on the role, function, responsibilities and commitment needed to manage an organisation.

All parents/carers are expected to be active within the Nursery and are also expected to attend a minimum of three Management Committee meetings per annum, which are held every six to eight weeks.

These conditions form part of your agreement with the nursery, and meetings will be monitored to ensure that you, the parent/carer, honour your obligation to the Nursery.

If the Committee is not satisfied with any parent/carer’s attendance or participation in the Nursery, then this may affect your child’s current place and any future places for any children you have on the application list.

Staff and Volunteers

At King Square Community Nursery we have a well-trained, highly experienced staff team, including a qualified teacher, nursery education workers and support workers. We recognise that our staff are our most important resource in supporting children and families.

We have a clear and transparent recruitment procedure. All staff and volunteers are fully vetted before they work at the nursery this includes reference checks, identity checks and enhanced DBS checks. Staff induction is completed during the probationary period and strengths’ and weakness of the individual identified with clear target setting and training as required.

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